RBT Practice Exam 85 Questions Free

RBT Exam 85 Questions Free

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a client’s mother offers you a cup of coffee after your session. if you accept it, are you violating the rbt ethics code?

If the learner is responding in a way that is not addressed by the prompting, error correction, and reinforcement procedures, the RBT must

Your BCBA instructs you to take data on how many times your client engages in verbal refusal in 30-minute intervals. What type of data collection is used?

Your BCBA instructs you that he/she wants you to record how long your clients’ tantrums last. What type of data collection would you use?

A RBT sets a timer for 2 minutes. When the 2-minute timer goes off, the RBT looks up immediately to see if their client is sitting in their seat.

A previously neutral stimulus change that has acquired the capability to function as a reinforcer through stimulus-stimulus pairing with one or more unconditioned reinforcers or conditioned reinforcers" best describes which of the following?

"If a behavior is followed closely in time by a stimulus event and as a result the future frequency of that type of behavior increases in similar conditions" best describes which of the following?

Collecting data on accurate spelling from a spelling test completed by the client is an example of permanent product record

The data you collect in session serves as your session notes

Which best describes a procedure that involves a stimulus that signals the availability of reinforcement for engaging in appropriate behavior and is removed for engaging in inappropriate behavior?

If your client stops exhibiting the target behavior for a while after receiving reinforcement, what should you consider doing?

Extinction can be explained as negative punishment.

Goals are more specific versions of benchmark objectives.

RBTs must follow skill acquisition plans exactly.

Extinction is defined as eliminating a previously learned behavior by withholding reinforcement.

RBTs must follow skill acquisition plans exactly.

The U.S. political system is designed to ensure citizens are provided with access to evidence-based education and treatment.

Data collection procedures may also include information about completion criteria and reversal criteria.

Permanent product recording is an indirect method of data collection.

Behavior Intervention Plans typically include strategies for prevention as well as response to problem behavior.

Which measurement procedure is being used if the observer is recording if the target behavior occurred at any point in the interval?

A RBT sets a timer for 2 minutes. When the 2-minute timer goes off, the RBT looks up immediately to see if their client is sitting in their seat.

The RBT instructed the learner that it is time to go to the classroom to practice tracing lower case letters. Once seated, the learner engages in elopement each time the RBT presents the instruction "Let's Trace." Based on the scenario and the 4 functions of behavior, what appears to be the function?

User The BCBA gave the RBT 10 tasks to have the learner perform to assess whether the learner can perform the tasks or not. This is an example of:

Essential components of a written skill acquisition plan include all of the following, except:

First, the RBT gathered the necessary materials needed for data collection and program implementation. Next, the RBT spent 15 minutes before their session reviewing the updated behavior intervention plan and programming to prepare for their session. The RBT had 2 questions and reached out to the supervising BCBA for clarification before beginning the session. These are all necessary components of:

John receives a token (as part of a token economy) every time he brushes his teeth before going to bed. This is an example of:

Sarah cleaned her room and received $5.00 upon completion. Sarah engaged in cleaning her room more often in the future. This is an example of:

This principle of behavior occurs when a behavior is followed immediately by the removal of a stimulus that increases the future frequency of that behavior:

Which is an example of reinforcement?

Intermittent reinforcement is typically used to teach new skills while continuous reinforcement is typically used to strengthen and maintain established skills:

The BCBA delivers praise 5 times on average for each correct response. Sometimes the BCBA delivers praise after 4 correct responses and sometime after 7 correct responses. Based on this scenario, what schedule of reinforcement is being implemented?

Least effective prompt data collection is a method that is used to track progress in errorless learning.

Teaching should always occur in the same setting and at the same time.

One problem with informal interviews to identify potential reinforcers is they are not

Providing free access to a variety of stimuli for the purposes of identifying potential reinforcers is best described by which of the following?

Providing a learner with a series of choices between two items in an effort to identify potential reinforcers best describes which of the following?

Presenting an array of items and asking the learner select one item and then putting the item back in the array after the selection in an effort to identify potential reinforcers best describes which of the following?

What does it mean to measure a behavior?

Your supervisor is responsible for

Behaviors are responses to needs

If my child continues to make low grades even though I am giving him praise and stickers every time he brings home a A, that proves he needs a punisher instead

Benny dislikes the taste of vegetables and refuses to eat them anywhere except his grandmother's house. He eats whatever his grandmother puts on his plate. Benny's vegetable eating behavior is explained by

The BCBA gave the RBT 10 tasks to have the learner perform to assess whether the learner can perform the tasks or not. This is an example of:

Laura the BCBA is working with her client on brushing teeth. She has broken down the complex skill of brushing teeth into smaller teachable steps to help her client learn this new skill. What teaching procedure is Laura implementing?

Josh is an RBT working with a client on hand washing. Handwashing is a complex skill that the clients BCBA has broken up into a sequence of small teachable steps. Josh's BCBA instructs him that the procedure involves Josh prompting all but the last step in the behavior chain, which is performed by the learner, who then receives reinforcement for completing the chain. When the learner shows mastery in performing the last step, Josh will then complete all but the last 2 steps in the behavior chain and reinforcement is delivered. This sequence continues until the learner completes the entire chain independently. This describes what teaching procedure?

Caroline loves bubble gum. Her teacher gives bubble gum to every child who finishes their math facts work sheet in less than one minute. Caroline never finishes in one minute, and she cries when everyone gets bubblegum except for her. The faster she writes her answers, the more mistakes she makes. The most likely reason for the reinforcer not working is

Negative reinforement is another word for punishment

The six schedules of reinforcement covered in this course are : Fixed Ratio, Variable Ratio, Fixed Interval, Variable Interval, Fixed Time and Variable Time

Will is a waiter who receives a tip for every customer he serves what reinforcement schedule is this?

Melanie is a salaried employee who receives a check every 14 days. What reinforcement schedule is this?

Joey likes to hear his mother scream, so he walks around the house making a squeaky noise she does not like. She tried to ignore it, but after about 8-10 iterations, she screams. What reinforcement schedule is this?

PLA-CHECK underestimates behavior.

Ed watches his client and marks a box if the behavior of interest is displayed throughout the observed interval. Ed is using

Celeste observes her client and marks whether or not a behavior is occurring at the end of a designated interval. Celeste is using

Which of the following data collection methods provides an overestimate of behavior?

Whole interval recording provides an underestimate of behavior.

Momentary Time Sampling for groups

A unit of time (e.g., per week, per month) in which celeration is plotted on a Standard Celeration Chart.

Any behavior that results in minimal displacement of the participant in time and space; can be emitted at any time; is discrete, requires minimal time for completion, it can produce a wide range of response rates.

A method of measuring behavior after it has occurred by recording the effects that the behavior produced on the environment.

A variation of momentary time sampling in which the observer records whether each person in a group is engaged in the target behavior at specific points in time; provides a measure of "group behavior".

Fred is working with Ricky to decrease ranting behavior (defined as high volume rapid speech containing curse words and complaints) The best way to measure this is

Miltons RBT is collecting duration data on how much time he spends with friends all day on Friday. This is a continuous data collection using continuous numbers

Is this a good behavior goal: upon entering his workplace each morning. Mr. Miller will greet at least three coworkers with a wave, smile, or head nod for 3 consecutive days by the 14th treatment session

The part of the BACB ethical code for RBTs that is most relevant to issues of client dignity is

The main difference between direct clients and indirect clients is the power to consent

Watching others access stimuli contingent upon a response best describes which of the following?

Saying "no" contingent upon a learner's response that results in a decrease in the probability of that response in the future is an example of which of the following?

What was the analogy of the history of punishment that the presenter used?

Behavior a client engages in that could cause harm to themselves or others is sometimes referred to as

A stimulus change that functions as punishment as a result of a person's conditioning history is a definition of which of the following?

Johnny’s dad reprimands him for not cleaning his dishes after dinner. The next day Johnny cleans his dishes, and his father immediately stops yelling. Johnny is more likely to clean his dishes in the future. This is an example of:

Before the onset of services, the BCBA informed the RBT that they conducted an interview with the clients’ parents and gave them a questionnaire to fill out about their child’s preferred activities. This is an example of which functional assessment?

A client’s family asks you to babysit over the weekend while they go out of town. As an RBT, how should you respond to the parent’s request?

Which of the following reflects the main four functions of behavior commonly recognized in applied behavior analysis?

Your BCBA is using a differential reinforcement procedure to teach a replacement behavior for a client tantruming during independent seated work. The function of the behavior is escape. What replacement behavior would you be most appropriate to teach in this scenario?

What should an RBT do if they observe another staff member implementing a behavior intervention plan (BIP) incorrectly?

Which of the following is an example of a variable interval schedule of reinforcement?

An RBT is working with a client who engages in self-injurious behavior (SIB). The RBT's supervising BCBA develops a plan that includes a functional communication training (FCT) component. What is the primary goal of FCT in this context?

An RBT notices a sudden increase in a client's aggressive behavior. What is the FIRST step they should take?

Which of the following best describes the purpose of a preference assessment?

Which reinforcement schedule typically produces the highest rate of responding?

An RBT is implementing a token economy system with a client. The tokens are collected and exchanged for backup reinforcers. What role do the tokens play in this system?

When graphing data on a behavior chart, what does a stable line of data points typically indicate?

The RBT Exam consists of 85 questions, 75 of which are scored and 10 of which are unscored and used for future exams. Candidates must answer at least 60 questions correctly to pass the exam, which is scored on a scale from 0 to 250, with a passing score of 200.

The exam covers six main content areas: Skill Acquisition, Behavior Reduction, Professional Conduct, Measurement, Documentation and Reporting, and Assessment.

Candidates are given 90 minutes to complete the exam in a multiple-choice format.

What Topics Are Covered In The RBT Exam?

The RBT exam covers six main content areas, each with a specific number of questions:

  • Measurement: 10 questions
  • Assessment: 8 questions
  • Skill Acquisition: 24 questions
  • Behavior Reduction: 12 questions
  • Documentation and Reporting: 10 questions
  • Professional Conduct and Scope of Practice: 11 questions

In total, the exam consists of 75 graded multiple-choice questions, along with up to 10 ungraded questions.

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